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Contract Treatment

We perform plasma nitriding, plasma nitrocarburizing and oxidation in contract treatment. In cases of questions and need for advise our team will be happy to help..


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Our plamsa nitriding plants allow treatment according to your needs. Whether you want to treat large components cost-effectively or urgently need parts done until tomorrow. We have the solution! The method offered by us has many applications in a variety of fields. Some examples are:


Application Examples
Automotive Cam & Crankshafts, transmission parts, rocker arms, valves
Transmission Gears, pinions, racks
Machine tools Spindles, rails, clamping heads
Tooling (machined) Borers, thread rolling, milling cutters, reamers, dies
Tooling (hot and cold shaping) Rolls, dies, punches, mandrels
Food processing machines Grinding rollers, rotors
Packaging machines Curves and screws
Plastics machinery Screws, cylinders, injection molding plants
Precision engineering Sewing machine parts
Hydraulics Pump housing, pistons, special pump parts
Chemical plant construction Valve stem, displacer, nozzle heads
  With the help of our partners, we also offer other methods. An overview of other hardening process can be found here


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