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Plasma nitrocarburizing

For treatment of parts subject to extreme wear stress the plasma nitrocarburizing method is more favorable than plasma nitriding. This process allows to form thicker compound layers with a higher wear resistance. In addition to nitrogen, carbon is also used for diffusion. This method is particularly suitable for unalloyed and low-alloyed steels with low carbon content. The compound layer formed with this method mainly contains ε-Carbonitride Fe2-3CN.


Advantages of plasma nitrocarburizing method:

  • Cleaning of parts at the beginning of the plasma treatment
  • Enhanced toughness of the hardened surface layer
  • Formation of a thick compound layer with excellent running properties
  • Reduced spalling of the layer
  • Layers are less brittle and porous than with nitrocarburizing or gas carbonitriding
  • Post-processing work is minimized
  • No post-cleaning required


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