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System Manufacturing

We design and manufacture plasma nitriding systems in different sizes. We supply systems with different specifications, adapted to your treatment task, e.g. for

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Our services include:

  • Consulting
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Putting into operation
  • Maintenance

We use many years of experience in contract plasma treatment and our accumulated knowledge for the practice-oriented system manufacturing. We rely on proven concepts in combination with modern technologies


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The plasma technology used in our systems is characterized by:

  • Low treatment temperatures
  • No need for an additional furnace heating
  • Low energy consumption

We use the latest CAD and FEM software for designing our systems. This enables us to find tailor-made solutions for any application. In cooperation with partner companies, we also offer systems for activating and cleaning of plastics and metals by means of atmospheric plasma treatment. This treatment method is often the only way to make possible bonding, printing or coating of materials. More information can be found here.

zim 4c kleinIn 2017 we succesfully finished the ZIM-Solo-project "Development of a technology for plasmanitriding and cleaning of bulk material". A specialized apparatus was built for that purpose.

Based on new found knowledge, new types of workpieces can be treated by plasma nitriding
Examples are balls for bearings as well as springs. The process can be well adjusted to each parts individual geometry and permits a convenient treatment of parts with a wight up to 100g.


ESF EU hoch 2014 2020 rgb1Ending 2016 we finished a project with support of the Europäischen Sozialfonds (ESF) and the Sächsische Aufbaubank (SAB)
Title: Improvement of efficiency in industrial cleaning of components
The companies need for an efficient way to clean parts before plasma nitriding led to this project. In course of this project an apparatus for cleaning parts and water treatment was developed. Due to the success of this projects we can provide solutions to reduce waste from cleaning processes while incresing operating efficiency.

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Furthermore, we can offer systems for plasma polishing.


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