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The product quality is continuously monitored both in the contract treatment and system manufacturing. In the contract treatment the quality of all jobs is verified by testing the surface hardness. For this, modern stationary and mobile testing equipment is used.


We offer the following inspection services with records:

  • Nitriding hardness depth by production of microsections
  • Layer thickness measurement by production of microsections
  • Micrograph of cross sections incl. production of microsections
  • Small load hardness testing HV0.2 – HV30: 5 indentations in each measurement series

With predetermined nominal hardness values according to ROCKWELL C (HRC), a conversion of the nominal value to hardness units according to VICKERS (HV), in compliance with DIN 50150 and DIN EN ISO 18265, is carried out. Nitrided layers may not be tested with the ROCKWELL method. For this, the VICKERS process with adapted test loads between 0.5 and 100 kp should exclusively be used. The ROCKWELL diamond cuts with 150 kp test load through the nitrided layer and reaches the base material. As a result, too low hardness values are determined.

Following testing methods and equipment can be used:

Surface hardnessCL, NHD and MicrographOthers
Microhardness tester VHT-500Microhardness tester VHT-500Roughness Tester SURFCOM from ZEISS
Microhardness tester ZWICK 3212Reflected-light microscope NEOPHOT2&21
Portable hardness tester TIV with measuring head 5 kp (HV5)Spot test

All test results are documented. Upon leaving our manufacturing facilities every job is checked for compliance with customer specifications. On request, sections are made, the nitriding hardness depth is checked and respective records are supplied.








Our contract treatment and system manufacturing are certified according to ISO 9001. The current certificate is available for download.